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Ant Bites

Ant Bites are Serious Business The park is one of our favorite spots during the weekend.  We almost go to the park every weekend!  Every time we go to the park, Eddie always reminds me to watch out for ant piles in the grass.  Especially in a "human" ordinary parks, they will mow the grass however they

A-Rod and Ms. Giraffe

A-Rod and Ms. Giraffe Ms. Giraffe is A-Rod’s only toy.  I bought it when he was around 4 months old.  I bought him this toy because of his unhappiness after his first haircut. I didn’t expect this toy would stay with him very long actually. Even to this day, I have given him other toys to play

The Animal Translator

The Animal Translator When we lived in Taiwan, I tried an animal translator in order to know more about what A-Rod thinks. At the beginning, I was just curious about how it works but it really impressed me. Before the interview, I sent the translator, Cynthia, three of A-Rod’s most recent pictures. I didn’t know how it

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