• Bailey (Girl), nickname “Bee Bee”, or “Honey Bee”

  • Born: February 15, 2011, Big D, USA

  • Live: Big D, Texas USA

  • Breed: Maltese

  • Weight: 8lb

  • Paws: All black

  • Hair: Straight

  • Favorite food: Carrots, apples, cookies, and any crunchy foods

  • Favorite toy: all the toys she has and always happy to have more

  • Favorite sleeping spot: daddy’s foot area

  • Afraid: bananas

  • Dislike: she doesn’t like other dogs getting close to daddy

Where was Bailey from?

Before Bailey arrived, daddy spent some time doing some research about dogs.  It was his first actually!  He wanted to know which breed of dog was the best for him and his personality. He found a website which helps identify a person’s personality and matches it with the right dog breed.  He did the test and the research showed Maltese was the best dog breed for him. The funny thing is he used to want a bigger dog (Great Dane). Lol… Great Dane and Maltese are so different! However, where could he get a Maltese? Many people ask us this question.  He found Bailey on a website called Puppy Find from a local AKC breeder.   
The 1st time he saw Bailey was a picture where she was just a few days old. He told the breeder to let Bailey stay with her biological doggy mom for 3 months. Daddy really did a lot of research before bringing Bailey home.  Research showed that puppies are better to stay with their doggy moms for at least 3 months as it helps build up their social behavior and improves their health.  After 3 months, the day daddy went to pick Bailey up from the breeder, the absolute first thing she did was turn herself upside down asking belly rubs from daddy.  She totally melted daddy’s heart!  How and why did she do this to a stranger which she just met for the 1st time? Felt like she knew him for a long time already. So sweet!


When Bailey was baby, daddy treated her like she was in military school. I feel bad for daddy by describing him like that :P.  As he read a lot about dogs and Maltese. He knew that education during their early months/years was very important and that it helps define good behavior when an adult.  Looking back now, we all agree it was really good for her. However, it is too late for A-Rod because he was treated like a free-range chicken and allowed to do whatever he wanted (I’ve lost many shoes and cleaned up many “accidents” because of this).
Daddy taught Bailey how to be alone without anxiety, potty trained in the house, and good manners.  It took a lot of time and patience to teach these traits, especially Maltese. They like to follow their owner. They don’t really like to be alone from our experience. So, daddy would let her sleep in her cage. The cage was designed one side for sleep, and the other side was for potty. During the daytime, he would go home take a look if she was doing great potty in the pad. If she did great, he would give her a treat. After lunch time visit, before daddy head back to office, he usually told her “I’ll be back”. This was part of the independent training too. We’ll show more information about the training later. Anyway, she did awesome on the training. Even now, she is very clever and sweet like the honey to us.

“Now I understand why they are man’s best friend…”

Dad, Eddie

“Having a pet is the best gift in the world!”

Mom, Rai

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