Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it!

Isn’t it amazing how Instagram could bring two people and two puppies together, even from thousands of miles away?   A-Rod and I met Bailey and Bailey’s dad from Instagram. We actually followed each other for a few years. We shared a lot of Maltese pictures together. Through the natural progression of a distant relationship, and seemingly magical timing, we came together in person.   Daddy always said he came with a package. That’s how we became a family, a big package now.

Because of our love for our puppies, it brought much happiness to our family.  It is very simple but joyful.


A-Rod and Bailey became accustomed to each other very quickly.  We think it is because the first time they met, we were all in another city travelling together.  We have read it is really good to introduce dogs on “neutral” grounds, and it helps them get comfortable with each other without territorial issues.  It actually seems to have helped us a lot and we’ve never had trouble with them together.  The other possibility is that our Maltese are just so lovable that it was just easy for them to love each other 🙂

As far as personality goes, A-Rod has his insecurities. He likes to stay with me all the time.  On the other hand, Bailey is very independent. So having Bailey with him at home sort of decrease his anxiety when we’re away.  He wasn’t like this before we moved together as he kept barking until I would come home. Right now, he waits with Bailey by the door until we come home. Of course, they always jump for joy and have huge smiles to welcome us.  We are really glad they are have each other. Every time I see them playing together, I just can’t stop watching them. They are so so so funny.