• A-Rod (Boy), nickname “Rod Rod”, or “Bow-bayer”

  • Born: June 17, 2010, Taipei City, Taiwan

  • Live: Big D, Texas USA

  • Breed: Maltese

  • Weight: 7lb

  • Paws: All black

  • Hair: Curly

  • Favorite food: Chicken, cheese, apples, carrots, watermelon

  • Favorite toy: giraffe toy

  • Favorite sleeping spot: mom’s pillow

  • Afraid: call bell and roaches

  • Dislike: he doesn’t like strangers especially those wearing a hat.

Where is A-Rod from?

Before A-Rod arrived to our home, our family already had a Maltese. His name was Mua-Mua. He was very loyal. We loved him so much!  One day one of our family friends visited us with their Malteses.  She came with 3 beautiful long-haired Malteses. They were all well cared for and like show dogs.  She told us she had more in her house, and there were some babies on the way.  We asked if she wanted to sell the puppies as we wanted to have one more. In the end, she gave our family a puppy as gift.
We were so fortunate too;  A-Rod had several siblings, and we almost chose a different one…  The other was quieter, calm, and really cute, however in the end, A-Rod with his super active mind and amazing cuteness won us over.   We are so fortunate that we have him and that we are able to explore life and have many funny adventures with him..


When A-Rod came to our family, I (A-Rod’s mom) took care of him daily and spent the most time with him.  Mom and son’s bond kept on growing every day..

The 1st day he arrived, he was so active. He was so curious about the new environment but he also fell asleep very easily (and deep too!). He needed a lot of sleep in his baby life!  Basically you could turn him upside down or move him to another spot without waking him up.

When he came into our life, he was just a 3 month old baby.  He just left his biological doggy mom.  I am an adopted child too.  It was this thought that he had left his biological doggy mommy that I felt sad for him yet we shared a similar early life.  Trying to keep baby A-Rod as comfortable as possible, I would bring him to the bed to sleep. He liked to curl up beside me exactly like how he would with his doggy mom. During the day, while I studied at the desk, he would lay beside the desk to stay close by, but even moreso, he would always touch his body with my feet.  Even today after many years he still does the same thing.  Comforting at it’s best.

“Having a pet is the best gift in the world!”

Mom, Rai

“Now I understand why they are man’s best friend…”

Dad, Eddie

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