River walk with A-Rod, Bailey and Calie

Today we took A and B to the Flower Mound Riverwalk. the weather was awesome, not so cold but sunny. Since it is a fairly new walking trail, not so many people walk around there. It would be great to take some beautiful pictures of A and B. Also, trying to take some 360° pictures and videos of them. 

Calie is 9 months in the belly. She could pop out anytime. It was hard for me to walk. Every step I walked, I could feel the pain but as long as I can see A and B’s smiles in the pictures. It was totally worth it. 

The clothing they wore are our jean jackets. Both of them look so cool! 

I created a video with the footage from 360° camera. We just got this camera not so long ago. It is crazy the new cameras keep coming out, but it was fun to try something new.