The Animal Translator

When we lived in Taiwan, I tried an animal translator in order to know more about what A-Rod thinks. At the beginning, I was just curious about how it works but it really impressed me.

Before the interview, I sent the translator, Cynthia, three of A-Rod’s most recent pictures. I didn’t know how it worked but she didn’t need to use facetime. The interview was just a simple phone call, and she could read A-Rod from the pictures and I could ask any question I wanted.

Before we asked any questions, A-Rod was laying down on my lap. Cynthia wanted me to tell A-Rod that she was going to ask him few questions. Was he ok with that? A-Rod responded to her he was okay for that! Come and ask. Cynthia said he was very cool. He seems have a strong personality.

I asked many questions in that hour. Some are more private so I don’t share here. Because of our past, I really cared about what he thinks. Some people don’t believe in dog translation. However, being honest, I felt the dog translation was really amazing. I only gave three pictures to Cynthia. She can translate so many things, and some of A-Rod’s responses totally shocked me. This was a really good experience no matter if it is trustable or not. For me, I am happy that he is happy now. That is the only thing I care about and matters to me.