Bailey’s mommy Mood

I always think Bailey will be a great mommy. This is why…

I don’t know if every female dog acts the same. For Bailey, every time after her period, her personality changes into very different dog.  She will start gather all her toys and organize them in her cushion.  She will put herself on top of all the toys. Like the picture below…

The funny thing with Bailey is sometimes the toys will make a squeaky sound when she carries them.  She think the toys are like her babies and that the sound is like babies’ crying for milk.   As soon as she hears the squeak, she actually tries to talk to the toy like.. “There there, mommy knows.. mommy knows…”  Then she tries to lay on top of the toy like she wants to feed it. 😀

Bailey isn’t like A-Rod at all when it comes to toys.  A-Rod only plays with one toy, his giraffe. Bailey loves all her toys and she literally treats them like her babies. She definitely doesn’t mind getting new toys (babies) too.  Any small stuffed toy makes her happy. Every time we bring a new toy home, her face and her reaction is like saying “is this for me? for me?”  Sooo incredibly sweet.

If A-Rod and Bailey are going to have babies, we will still love them to death.  So, sometimes they are busy their own thing. We let them do whatever they want and let things go naturally. They have been together for 2 years, however so far no babies just yet.  We hope they can have a beautiful litter at least once…  We can’t wait!

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